Spring is here!

I always love reading blogs on gardening .I get a lot of information, ideas and dream of possibilities reading those.So this is my way of putting my experiences out there for people to read and maybe it will be useful to someone starting out on their own balcony garden project.

This is my third spring ,gardening on my balcony. I started out with one tomato plant that I picked up on a whim at a flea market and thats all I had the first year. That plant’s survival made me think I can actually maybe expand this to more tomato plants and maybe some bell peppers because they were the vegetables I most often used in my cooking. So the next year it was 4 tomatoes and 4 bell peppers which I shipped as small plants from Amazon.com.

They did pretty well too . So this year I decided to plan better and start from seeds indoors. Last week I transplanted the tomatoes , cucumbers and hot chilli peppers outside. Out of the 5 tomato plants I had from the previous years, 3 have survived and are regenerating. I have some flowers that I started indoors from seeds as well. The Black Eyed Susan vine was transplanted outside last week also.

Here are the pictures:


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