Talking about containers

I always thought that terracotta pots were the only way to grow plants because thats all I had seen in India. So when I started out , I planted only in terracotta. They look great and are definitely closer to nature.
But then last spring, my Dad saw the ever increasing number of pots in the garden. He then asked me if I thought the balcony would fall down with the weight. It did seem like a possibility, if I kept adding more plants in Terracotta containers.
So I switched to buying plastic containers. I really love them!
Terracotta is heavy,plastic a whole lot lighter, so I can buy bigger pots.
Water evaporates a lot in terracotta, I need to water every single day even in Spring. Plastic not so. I have watered the plants in plastic pots only once a week so far and the temperature here did go up into the 90s a week ago.
So as part of my Vacation Watering plan, I was thinking I should probably cover the terracotta pots along the sides with plastic.

I also own an Earthbox now. It is much larger than what I had imagined when I saw pictures online.
But I think I am officially out of space, as declared by the census taker (my husband ) who counted everything and announced that the season for planting has closed. I have permission from him to plant just 2 more eggplants out there this weekend in plastic pots. No Space for the Earthbox!

What kind of containers do you prefer?


4 thoughts on “Talking about containers

  1. I prefer plastic self-watering containers, they’re very water efficient. I hope you find space for the Earthbox, whatever you plant in there will grow wonderfully!

  2. I use terra cotta pots on my balcony. But I have wind issues and definitely need the weight to keep them from blowing over. They can get heavy, though… Cheers!

  3. Hi there!

    My husband recently told me no more plants AND he wants me to cut back next year 😦 I figure – if there’s room to get to the chairs, stand by the grill, and I can reach everything, then it’s not a problem 🙂 Right?!

    I have lots of different kinds of pots. Some are terra-cotta – though I’ve had issues with them being damaged by cold Iowa winters; some are cheap plastic – I like that they’re light and adaptable; some are ceramic – very pretty, but a little more expensive, but I haven’t had trouble with them surviving freezing temps; and one wood planter box – it’s new and I’m anxious to see how it ages.

    Glad I found your blog!

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