Vacation Watering Update

The vacation watering apparatus is working quite well, looking at the wet soil around the plant. It has a small ceramic cone that goes into the soil in which you fill in water and close it with the green mushroom-like lid. The tube attachment from the lid goes into a water container.

Automatic Plant Waterer at work

Automatic Plant Waterer

Automatic Plant Waterer at work
Automatic Plant Waterer

I am also trying out the plant nanny with the water bottle attachment. This one has a ceramic cone and a green spike that attaches to the bottles. The green spike fits into the ceramic cone.

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny

So far so good.

Although I still have some more plants to vacation water. Drip Watering from buddygarden seems interesting, I want to try it out.


5 thoughts on “Vacation Watering Update

  1. We are just about to plant in containers on our sunny deck, so I’m interested in your techniques. I’m in the Sacramento area. Stop by my blog and see the blogroll with other local bloggers. I’ll go add you now.

    Welcome to blogland!

  2. I can try this technique the next time we are off for days…. For the moment we request neighbors to water the plants during our absence … so far so good!

    ~ bangchik

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