Events in the Garden this Saturday

There are what I think to be spider mites on the fuchsia(After spending sometime on Google). They completely killed the mint that was right next to the fuchsia. I  noticed the signs, but I just thought it was because it has been so hot here lately.The fuchsia flowers were dropping at a faster rate the past 3 days. Usually there is a hummingbird that visits the fuchsia every morning and he did not come because there were no flowers.

Last evening I decided to have a look and found the mint to be gone completely. I have salvaged the fuchsia and sprayed the Neem oil concoction on it. I am hoping it will survive.

Fuchsia leaves with Spider mite trouble

Fuchsia leaves with Spider mite trouble

On a happier note , the black eyed susan is blooming:

Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan

And here are the Bell peppers:

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers


4 thoughts on “Events in the Garden this Saturday

  1. I found your blog on blotanical and I just wanted to wish your fushia well! I’ve grown them for a few years, but never had spider mites. However, several have gotten the awful “fushia gall mite”, which looks completely different from yours. (you can google that for more info.) Gall mite is basically impossible to prevent except through toxic, continuous spraying. There are gall mite-resistant varieties that can be purchased, though. Maybe they would also resist spider mites? Good luck. -Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie, It is doing a lot better now, I moved it into some shade and the Neem oil spraying did work. In fact Neem oil has been pretty good with all the garden pests I have had so far.

  3. Hello, I like your blog a lot! I am also “just” a balcony garden owner, and I appreciate your tips… Thanks for the tip on Neem oil, I will try it this season, hopefully it works for aphids as well?

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