2009 Review and 2010 Plans

2009 was a good year.

I was on vacation for 2 weeks in June and then again for 5 weeks in October,which was great fun! But it also took me away from gardening for long periods of time.

The vacation watering worked and all my plants survived.

The bell peppers did really well , but I did not count how many . Note to myself for 2010: Count harvest.

On the flip side, there werent as many tomatoes as 2008.

The eggplants, okra ,cucumber ,bitter gourd , chillies did not do as well. So I have been pondering about this…

I think I need to use fertilizers, the right amount at the right time. I have not been doing this at all for some plants though I did use kelp meal with the bell peppers and tomatoes on an occassional basis. Also I threw in washed egg shells into the soil in the containers when I have some.

I wanted to stay away from using fertilizers , but I have been learning.

Watering the plants in traditional terracotta pots drains away nutrients . Also, the tomatoes have been in the same containers for 2 years now and probably had used up all the nutrients. The potting soil I used for the other plants probably did not have enough nutrients to start with.

So the plan for 2010:

1. Figure out a good organic fertilizer and the intervals at which to use it.

2. Plan amount of sunlight required by each plant so I can maximize space in the balcony.

Plan for 2010

Plan for 2010

Note: WordPress had automatically treated some valid comment posts as spam and I did not realise that.

I have fixed that now and I apologise for not approving them sooner.


4 thoughts on “2009 Review and 2010 Plans

  1. Thanks for the automatic watering device tip — I think I’ll have to try those out next year. Good luck and happy planning. — plantsondeck

  2. How nice, in gray mid-winter, to be recollecting your pepper harvest! I suggest you consult with Trey Pitsenberger at The Golden Gecko Garden Center in Garden Valley (near Auburn and Placerville) about organic fertilizers. He’s an organic vegetable pro.

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