Seed Starting Phase 1

Blooms in the garden this week:

So last week , as I was trawling through the internet to find something that will tell me when exactly to start what kind of seeds , I found this Chart . I was pretty excited to follow that, And it was sunny saturday in a long time.

I started these last weekend:

I am excited that this year I have the seeds for White and Blue Indian Pea flowers . They remind me of my childhood. I am especially excited by the White Indian Pea seeds since they were a gift from my grandmother from her wonderful garden in India. She is a passionate gardener and I sometimes think even though I am relatively new to gardening, the strange familiarity I seem to feel when I garden is something I probably inherited from her and the many summers I spent in her garden.


4 thoughts on “Seed Starting Phase 1

  1. Hi!
    I just posed about the Sacramento Master Gardeners Calendar. That’s what I use- there is a similar chart at the back.

    I starting using the app, it’s working GREAT so far.

    Take care!


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