Jasmine Pruning

A month before the jasmine plant flowers in March/April , my mother told me that back in India they would strip the jasmine plant of all the leaves to encourage new growth and “fresh” flowers.It would flower more profusely that way.

I was not sure if it would work for my jasmine plants here in Sacramento,I did not exactly want to kill the plant.

So I decided to experiment with just the winter jasmine and yellow jasmine flowers which were both showing signs of new growth.

This is what the winter jasmine looked like before the leaf pruning:

Winter Jasmine before leaf pruning

This is the plant after the pruning:

After Pruning

This is the new growth at the nodes:

New growth with old leaves

New leaves

Buds Forming


2 thoughts on “Jasmine Pruning

  1. Hi,

    I am from india and I also live in sacramento..I wanted to know where i can buy a jasmine plant or jasmine seeds..i really want to have a balcony garden..if u could guide me i appreciate it..??

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