Companion Planting – Spinach and Peas

I sowed America Spinach in these pots in February first week, And there was this whole row of seeds from one of the seed packets that did not sprout at all.

Spinach and Peas

Spinach and Peas

So I though the next best thing to do would be to replace that row with a row of Sugaree Snap Peas which I bought from the local Co-op.

I found that the peas will provide shade to the Spinach as it gets more sunnier here in Sacramento.


3 thoughts on “Companion Planting – Spinach and Peas

  1. Good plan… Last year my Spinach bolted and I’ve been wondering just how to provide the fine line between enough sunlight for photosynthesis without bolting again!

  2. Companion planting is good. I know you are planting in pots, but some good companions I’ve found are carrots and radishes. and sweet corn, pole beans (or green beans) and squash (or pumpkins).
    Radishes come up fast and are all done before carrots get going. If you used a half long variety of carrot you could most likely get them to grow in a pot.
    Corn, beans and squash are called the three sisters by native americans. The corn provides a place for the beans to climb and provide nitrogen for the corn. The squash provides ground cover and a raccoon deterrent.

    • Thank you for the information on companion planting, I will definitely try out the radish and carrot combination.

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