Back from break

I have not been posting for a long time , in the meanwhile we moved from Sacramento, CA to Madison, WI.

I had to give away all my plants because of the move including the vegetable seedlings. So I am starting over in Madison.

A completely new gardening challenge : I have a vegetable garden plot in the backyard here and I plan to do a combination of container gardening as well as learn to plant in the ground which is completely new to me.

Awaiting the weekend when I can get out there and get my hands dirty! Pictures to follow.


One thought on “Back from break

  1. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog and wanted to drop a note to say that I’ll be very interested in your gardening activities now that you’ve moved to a completely different zone. I am also a Californian transplanted to a much colder clime (we’re now in zone 5 Finland and we used to live in Southern Cali), so am eager to see how others have adapted to the change. It still weirds me out sometimes that the plants I’m used to having in the backyard can only survive as houseplants here for more of the year. Anyway, I hope that you do update this blog and let us know about your adventures in starting from scratch! Best, Angela.

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