How I caught the gardening bug…

I grew up in Mumbai, a concrete jungle as it is called. I don’t remember too many plants from my childhood, except for summer vacation visits to my grandmother’s house and garden.

Our apartment in Mumbai had some plants, mainly Tulsi (Holy Basil) which all hindu-indian homes usually have and Kadipatta – curry leaves plant. But I don’t remember wanting to grow anything.Maybe I did not think about people growing anything. I had not seen anyone do it.

A couple of years after moving to this country, I had just started living alone in an apartment. I spotted a tomato plant at a flea market and decided to buy one on a whim.

I planted the tomato plant on my balcony and watched over to see if it would die. A squirrel would pay a visit to the plant occasionally. I did not even notice it when the yellow flowers bloomed.

It did not occur to me to see if it had flowered at all. I would mindlessly water it once in a while and go about my day.

Then one day I saw it! A tiny green tomato. I had never seen anything like that before. Soon it would ripen to a wonderful red and I would get to eat it.

It was my first experience of this miracle in such close quarters and I was hooked. For life.

Now I cannot imagine not having something to grow in whatever space I have.

I started blogging about growing vegetables on my balcony in Sacramento. Created an iPhone App for Gardening: GardenLog. We moved to Wisconsin, where I had the luxury of a garden plot in the backyard.

I am now back in Davis, CA. Gardening with a couple of raised beds and some containers. My 2 year old helps me and my husband is hooked now too.

There is no joy like the magic of watching a tiny seed become what it is supposed to be.

This is the first of my posts for Grow Write Guild. I am hoping this will make me stop neglecting my blog space and  post frequently.


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