Dreaming of a vegetable garden….

I love growing vegetables, flowers are for the butterflies.

My dream garden is any patch of soil growing vegetables. I see someone’s raised bed in their front yard, I add it to my dream garden file. Someone else has an entire vegetable garden instead of their front lawn. I want to learn how to do that. An upside down tomato planter, also filed away.

My dream garden will have weeds, so I can potter about and pull them out and feel good about it. And no Aphids! That battle I always seem to lose.

My dream garden will have butterflies and bumble bees and an occasional humming bird.

My dream garden will have enough vegetables to feed my family without a trip to the supermarket.

More chaos and less order or maybe less order and more chaos. The order/chaos balance of nature without my human hand tipping the scale in the wrong direction.

For Grow Write Guild #2


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of a vegetable garden….

  1. I really like that you included birds, butterflies, and bees in your garden. One of my favorite garden photos last summer was of a sunflower and one determined bee. I have not checked out your phone app yet, but I will, just getting caught up after being out of town.

  2. Hello! Aphids drive me crazy, but slugs are a worse problem where I’m located. Our growing season is really just kicking in (I had great plans to be a year round gardener but the truth is I don’t like being cold and wet)! You aren’t alone in liking a few weeds to pull, I love the sense of accomplishment that comes after a good weeding session. Haven’t convinced the hubby that we should use the front yard to expand the veggie patch (yet), but this year I managed to double the size of garden in the back, so that’ll keep me busy for now! If you’re interested you can read my dream garden post here: http://gaile.ca/617/my-dream-garden/

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