State of the Garden

photo-82The pole beans are looking quite lush.I can see them out of the french doors to the backyard. The strawberries next to them have been flowering and hopefully, we will have fruits soon.

There is a whole raised bed of only heirloom tomatoes, I think we have about 15 plants.They all look a photo-83little anaemic. Too many plants in a single seed starting pot and I did not separate them out early. Maybe they will grow now, given more space. If they make it, I am not really sure what we are going to do with them. But there is a lot of joy in growing them and giving them away.I have some more tomatoes that need a good home, please leave me a comment if you are around Davis, CA. I will be happy to share them.

photo-81I see corn just poking its head out.

The Jasmine vine that sits right outside the living room window has a divine summery smell when I leave the window open on a warmer night.

Grow Write Guild #3


5 thoughts on “State of the Garden

  1. Such a joy to see them just coming up, isn’t it? Sometimes I wish they’d just stay there looking fresh and happy just a bit more so I can admire them for a wee bit longer and not have to grab at them to get cooking. This is a wonderful garden log. Loving the pictures. And my pole beans are just beginning to show as well.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Crunch! Yep, I do sometimes go to the garden and just look and look at the plants 🙂 Its really therapeutic for me.
    Pole beans are so easy and fun!

    • I know! I cannot believe it myself! Last year we were in Wisconsin and I don’t think I would have thought about pole beans quite as soon as April there!

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