Tomatoes and Tomatillos

The tiny tomatoes are growing.I thought mulching with cardboard would be a good idea since I had so many cardboard boxes readily available after all the online shopping. But I was not sure it was safe. So I consulted the gardening expert- Google and found this: Is Cardboard Mulch Okay? turns out it is, after you take out all the stickers and tape. 

Cardboard mulch was free and it really reduced the need to water. Just had to remember to weigh it down with pebbles when the plants were smaller. The cardboard pieces would dry out and fly away in the wind. For a time I even thought, they did not look so aesthetically pleasing, but now with the plants grown, they seem quite alright.


The corn at the back of the tomato bed is growing taller too. After I had planted it like this, i received a gardening magazine that said, tomatoes and corn don’t like growing together. They hinder each other’s growth. So I decided to plant a row of peppers between the tomatoes and the corn and see what happens. So far so good.

This is my first time growing tomatilloes and I am growing them in a container. I love salsa verde, so i wanted to try my hand at growing  the tomatilloes. Here they are,there is even a  flower.




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