GardenLog iPhone App

Garden Log

GardenLog is a mobile garden journal for your iphone. Tracking that kitchen garden project was never more easier! Are you new to gardening or even a expert and wished that you had written down what you did last year so that you could do the same for this year’s garden? Well, GardenLog provides an easy way to do just that:

  • Add a plant with the germination and harvest times from your seed packet.
  • Click or Add a picture of your window sill pot or place in the garden where you put the seeds in , this way you can remember the spot in your garden where you planted it last year
  • Come back to add new stages when the seed sprouts, is transplanted outside , has flowers and finally when the fruits of your labor appear.
  • A graphical view will give you a single year snapshot of the plant stages and the month in which they appeared, allowing you to plan for the next year’s garden.
  • The To Do List tracks all your garden todos. Set up alerts and also a schedule for repetitive tasks

Please contact me with questions, concerns and feature suggestions at : App Support

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